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Be careful when shopping for PPF - Paint Protection Film. There are different types and quality grades of film available. At Derand, we use the very best film on the market from Xpel. Want to know the difference, call us, we'll be glad to explain. We've wrapped hundreds of brand new Porsche's directly from Mark Motors of Ottawa Porsche dealership.

For additional Porsche paint protection installation videos, visit our YouTube Porsche Paint Protection Playlist and our YouTube Porsche 911 Full Wrap Paint Protection Playlist.

3 Reasons why you should have Xpel clear bra installed on your new or used vehicle by Derand Motorsports:
  1. Xpel Clear bra keeps your vehicle looking great while you own it! We buy cars for a few reasons. Probably the biggest is because we like how it looks and the fact it is *new* to us. Anything we can do to keeping the vehicle looking as close to new as possible will allow you to keep loving it like it is new. Xpel Clear bra wears much better than hard clear coat does and is the pinnacle of paint protection. It helps stops rock chips and helps protects the paint from scratches and protects against vandalism. Because it is pliable, it does not pit as severely as paint does. Xpel clear bra also have self-healing properties that help keep it swirl mark-free, which is more than any paint can do!

  2. Xpel Clear bra is invisible protection that cleans up like paint! When Xpel clear bra is installed by the experts at Derand Motorsports, you can't tell it's on the vehicle and Xpel clear bra is cleaned just like paint. With Derand's quality installation, exposed edges of panels are wrapped in a way that greatly limits seams and when walking around your vehicle, you won't be able to tell anything is on the car at all! And Xpel clear bra is cleaned very similar to paint. It is washed and cleaned with paint-safe chemicals, wash mitts and microfiber drying towels.

  3. Xpel Clear bra protects your vehicle so that you can recover the most money when you sell it!! It is a fact that used cars that look better, sell for more and sell faster than an alternative car in poorer condition. When selling your car after years of clear bra protection, you may leave the clear bra on and sell the car that way or you may choose to remove it and have just fresh paint to entice a new potential owner. Either way, the fact clear bra was on the car carries an intrinsic value with new owners. It shows you were willing to spend the money to protect the car and the proof will be in the pudding; the car looks awesome!

Now you have a better understanding of clear bra and no doubt want it installed on your new car! What's next? If you're in the Ottawa area, the next step is to call Derand! We are happy to discuss your paint protection needs and give you an incredible installation that your friends will never know is there! Protect your new baby as soon as possible! Each rock chip brings you one step closer to you falling out of love with your new car!

**A large enough rock thrown at a high enough velocity may penetrate the film and with enough time and effort, a vandal can cause damage to the



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